Discover Phaser book: a step by step guide to making games with Phaser ◀

Ver. Title Website
- How to Learn the Phaser HTML5 game engine
2.0 Making your first Phaser game
2.0 How to use Phaser with TypeScript
2.0 Advanced Phaser and TypeScript projects
2.0 How to make a Flappy Bird in HTML5 - Part 1
2.0 How to make a Flappy Bird in HTML5 - Part 2
1.1 How to make your first roguelike
1.1 Game like Space is Key with a lot of room for customization
1.1 How to organize your code into classes
1.1 Sketch you levels with Toast Editor
1.1 Let's learn Phaser
1.1 Gravity puzzle game tutorial #1
1.1 Basic platformer game using neatbeans and tiled
1.1 HTML5 Multiplayer with Phaser and Go
1.1 Orbital Debris – making an HTML5 game with phaser
2.0 Phaser and physics: polygonal collisions primer
1.1 Change the animation of a sprite before killing it
1.1 Google Font Integration With Phaser
2.0 Quick HTML5 physics test
2.0 How to create a complete HTML5 "2048" game
2.0 Flappy Bird (Part 1)
2.0 Flappy Bird (Part 2)
2.0 Flappy Bird (Part 3)
2.0 Flappy Bird (Part 4)
2.0 Tutorial of my last game
2.0 Handle a pause screen
2.0 How to use tweens
2.0 Setting up a Phaser project
2.0 Using Tilemaps
2.0 HTML 5 Shoot 'em Up in an Afternoon
2.0 Basic multiplayer game with Phaser and
2.0 Introduction and Download
2.0 JavaScript Game Programming Using Phaser
2.0 Top-Down Games with Tiled
2.0 SpaceHipster, A Space Exploration Game
2.0 Concatenate And Minify Your Phaser Code
2.0 Flappy bird tutorial
2.0 Adventures with TypeScript tutorial series