How to Make Flappy Bird in HTML5 With Phaser - Part 2

Edit: for an up-to-date tutorial on Phaser, check out this article.

In the first part of this tutorial we did a simple Flappy Bird clone. It was nice, but quite boring to play. In this part we will see how to add animations and sounds. We won't change the game's mechanics, but the game will feel a lot more interesting.

Open the main.js file that we created in the last part, and we are good to go.

Add Fly Animation

The bird is moving up and down in a quite boring way. Let's improve that by adding some animations like in the original game.

You can see that:

The first one is easy. We just need to add this in the update() function.

if (this.bird.angle < 20)
    this.bird.angle += 1; 

For the second one, we could simply add this.bird.angle = -20; in the jump() function. However, changing instantly the angle will look weird. Instead, we are going to make the bird change its angle over a short period of time. We can do so by creating an animation in the jump() function.

// Create an animation on the bird
var animation = game.add.tween(this.bird);

// Change the angle of the bird to -20° in 100 milliseconds{angle: -20}, 100);

// And start the animation

For your information, the preceding code can be rewritten in a single line like this.

game.add.tween(this.bird).to({angle: -20}, 100).start(); 

If you test the game right now, you will notice that the bird is not rotating like the original Flappy Bird. It's rotating like the drawing on the left, and we want it to look like the one on the right.

What we need to do is change the center of rotation of the bird (the red dot above) called "anchor". So we add this line of code in the create() function.

 // Move the anchor to the left and downward
this.bird.anchor.setTo(-0.2, 0.5); 

If you test the game now, the animation should look a lot better.

Add Dead Animation

When the bird dies, we restart the game instantly. Instead, we are going to make the bird fall off the screen.

First, we update this line of code in the update() function to call hitPipe() instead of restartGame() when the bird hit a pipe.

    this.bird, this.pipes, this.hitPipe, null, this);  

Now we create the new hitPipe() function.

hitPipe: function() {
    // If the bird has already hit a pipe, do nothing
    // It means the bird is already falling off the screen
    if (this.bird.alive == false)

    // Set the alive property of the bird to false
    this.bird.alive = false;

    // Prevent new pipes from appearing;

    // Go through all the pipes, and stop their movement
        p.body.velocity.x = 0;
    }, this);

Last thing, we don't want to be able to make the bird jump when it's dead. So we edit the jump() by adding this 2 lines at the beginning of the function.

if (this.bird.alive == false)

And we are done adding animations.

Add Sound

Adding sounds is super easy with Phaser.

We start by loading the jump sound in the preload() function.'jump', 'assets/jump.wav'); 

Now we add the sound in the game by putting this in the create() function.

this.jumpSound ='jump'); 

Finally we add this line in the jump() function to actually play the sound effect.; 

And that's it, we now have animations and sounds in the game!


In only a few lines of code we managed to make the game a lot better, that's the power of Phaser.

For your information, I also wrote a book on how to make a full featured game with Phaser. More information on:

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